Wednesday, March 15, 2017

packing for shorter trips + my suitcase is now on sale!

Delsey Chatelet Plus 21" Carry-On Hardside Spinner Suitcase
I have traveled more in the last nine months than I ever have in my entire life. Between living in different cities for away rotations, going on interviews, and fitting in a ton of fun trips with friends, family, and CR, I have put some serious miles on both my car and my luggage.

I have been receiving a ton of questions about my Delsey suitcase, which is what prompted this post today! I owned the same beaten down suitcases for over a decade, and when I finally upgraded, I really wanted to buy something I loved and knew I would use for another decade or two. So after a bunch of research, I now own the Delsey Chatelet in the white + cognac colors in the 21 inches (seen above) and 28 inches. I absolutely love these suitcases. They are hard shell, have two separate compartments, are on spinner wheels, a breaking system, and TSA approved locks. They are just so darn pretty too - I love the cream white color. The questions I've received the most is if these suitcases show a lot of wear because of their color. I have only used my 28 inch suitcase on one airplane trip, when we went to Santorini. When I got it back from luggage claim, it did have a few marks and scuffs on it, but a quick rub with a Magic Eraser, and it seriously looked brand new. My smaller 21 inch one has been on every rotation, interview, and trip with me, and it looks like the day I got it.

If you are interested in the suitcases, I have found some really good deals on it! Macy's currently has the 21 inch suitcase on sale from $500 down to $250, with an additional 25% off using code VIP. If you have an Amazon prime account, you can get it even cheaper at $171 (which is $80 cheaper than what I got it for!). The 28 inch version is also on sale - here at Macy's for $250 total, or here at Amazon for basically the same price.

So that's the what about what goes inside? This is the reason that I really love the two compartment system. My old luggage was one compartment, and it was so annoying to cram everything into it, never being able to find anything, and then stuff it all back, shoes next to sweaters, shampoo next to underwear, and so on.

Delsey Chatelet suitcase review
In my carry-on, I separate it into clothes versus non-clothes. I know the travel experts say to roll your clothes and blah blah blah, but I don't like to do that - I just fold my clothes normal, especially because I unpack everything as soon as I get to wherever I'm going. When I use my larger suitcase, and therefore am bringing more things, I really like to uses these packing cubes. They don't make a ton of sense when you're only bringing a few tops and bottoms in a carry-on, but for longer trips, they are so nice to separate your swimsuits from your work out clothes from your t-shirts. Plus they are just so darn cute. I wish they had a red + white polka dot version!
This undergarments bag is one of my favorite little packing tricks, and something that I use on every single trip. It's a zipper pouch with two separate compartments, so you can keep you clean underwear in one and everything that needs to be washed in the other. It is so handy. Mine is from Etsy - here are a couple of cute options!
Last is the cosmetics and skincare! I alway save those "free with purchase" pouches, so I have a ton just waiting to be used. I keep them in my purse, that's how I keep my cords separate in my carry-on, I use them at home to keep make-up samples separate, and they are great for travel! I use a smaller pouch that's see through for the fluids - I have a couple of sample sized containers of my favorite products (like my moisturizer and overnight serum), and luckily a few of my regular items come in containers less than 3 mL (like my matte sunscreen and dry shampoo). In the larger pouch I keep all non-fluid items, like brushes, toothbrush, retainer, hair ties, and deodorant. I keep all of my make-up in a hanging cosmetic bag (it looks like my exact version is no longer available, but I believe this one is made by the same brand). This is such a standard in cosmetics bags, but I really like it because it keeps everything separate. I have eye products in the top pouch, brushes in the middle pouch, flat face products (including my new bronzer/highlight powder) in the bottom pouch, and then all the bigger items in the largest pouch. It rolls up nicely, there's less of a chance of one thing exploding and getting over everything, and it's so convenient to just hang it up wherever you are. Sometimes when I'm home only for a few days, I don't even unpack it. 

Last talking point is airport style! I typically dress for the location I'm going to rather than the location I'm starting at. So even though I live in colder Ohio, I typically will wear slip on shoes and a light jacket to the airport. Even though I always park in economy parking, I spend no more than a minute or two outside, so I always dress lighter. My go-to airport uniform is black jeans (this is my exact pair), loafers (my cognac ones are now on sale, as well as the same style in a few other colors), a looser top, a utility jacket (mine is old from Old Navy, but they currently have a very similar style), and a big comfy scarf that doubles as a blanket. In my carry-on, I keep my computer, a book (still working my way through The Emperor of All Maladies), my noise-canceling headphones, and usually a magazine, water, and a snack. 

So that's it! I don't think there is anything to ground breaking here, but I've been asked about my packing strategy so often over the years that I figured it's easiest to put it all in one post! If you're looking for a real expert, my girl Hitha just came out with a whole book on packing. if only I was better about actually unpacking my suitcase when I come home. I still haven't unpacked from the last trip 😳  If anyone has tips about that....