Sunday, March 5, 2017

top three [03.05.2017]

allllll the donuts!

  • Did you get the flu shot this year? The CDC reports that this year's flu shot reduced the risk of getting the flu and having to go to the doctor by 48%! 
  • ICD-10, or the "international classification of disease" is used to classify disease. The are some very strange ICD codes out there, including Sucked into jet engine, Pedestrian on foot injured in collision with roller-skater, Activities involved arts and handcrafts, Struck by duck, Walked into lamppost, and Burn due to water-skis on fire.
  • Uncombable hair syndrome is caused by a structural anomaly of the hair follicles. Here's an example, and here's a bit more information!

on the internet:

  • Fully embracing the German stereotype, I absolutely need these metallic Birkenstocks. Birks are basically all I wear in the summer, so BRONZE ONES?! hello, need. 
  • Part demure and part sexy, I kind of love this lace top from Express (especially in black and vintage pink!) . Do you think you could get away with wearing a normal bra with it? 
  • Still on the hunt for a dress for our engagement pictures - I love the pretty lace on this dress from Modcloth, but I don't know if that neckline/sleeveless situation would be the most flattering. 

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ask me anything:
  • So I went to my first CycleBar class and burned a total of...276 calories...whomp whomp :( I was sweating and felt like my heart was going to explode! I just couldn't ever keep up with the instructor's RPM along with the resistance. I've seen your Apple Watch pictures showing a ton of calories burned during spin class. Did you always burn around that much? Or did it take a while to work up to? What about RPM versus resistance?
    • I'm going to tackle this question in several parts! 
    • As far as calories burned goes, several things factor into this. If you are using solely the bike monitor as a way of measuring your calories, that doesn't take YOU into account at all. My bike monitor tells me I burn like 300 calories at each spin class, but since my watch is calibrated to my height and weight AND uses my heart rate, it is a lot more accurate than just the bike monitor (and according to studies, the most accurate wrist HR monitor out there). This morning I overheard my instructor tell a new rider that the monitor on the bikes are way off, and you actually burn about twice what the monitor says. Also, keep in mind I may be a larger person than you. My friend came to spin class with me on Wednesday - I'm about half a foot taller and many more pounds heavier than she is, and although our average HR was almost identical, I burned 150 more calories than she did because I'm just a bigger person. 
    • Second, it definitely takes time to work up to the amount of calories I sometimes burn in class. In early December, I was burning around 500 calories during one hour classes, but now I sometimes can exceed 700 calories. I like seeing the calories burned not as "yes, I should lose this much weight because I burned this many calories" but I use it more as a measurement of how hard I worked that class, if that makes sense. The more you cycle, the more you'll get used to the feel of the class and your body will improve in its capabilities in the class. 
    • Third, I would suggest trying to match the suggested RPMs in class, and slowly work your way up to the suggested resistance. I haven't been to a CycleBar class, but I assume it's kind of like Soul Cycle or FlyWheel where you cycle "together" as a class and match the instructor, so I'd suggest lowering your resistance and then over time build it up! That's the thing I actually really love about spin class - you really can work out at your own pace because you're in a dark room. I've slowly worked my way up from the back row to the front row at my studio now that I know I can keep up with everything being asked for by the instructor. In the end, the most important thing is that you're improving your health by getting that cardio in, the benefit of burning calories is just a nice second ;)
  • Love the Wedding Wednesday feature as an MS3 getting married next year. Do you have a wedding budget set?
    • We do have a general budget. Both of our parents are chipping in certain amounts, and I had saved up some money from blogging, and we start working this summer, so while we are paying for the majority of it, we do have a bit of help from our families. Once we knew what we were starting with, we started setting budgets for all the individual things that come with having a wedding. We used this as a starting point, and then put the categories into our large google document to keep track of what our budget is, what we've paid, and what we have left to pay!
  • I'm graduating from medical school this year, too! Maybe it's a bit early, but what are you planning to wear under the regalia at graduation? I'd love to hear your thoughts.
    • YAY!! Congrats, fellow almost graduate! I've definitely thought about what I want to wear, and while I don't have anything actually planned yet, and am also planning on writing a post about this in the future, I have several ideas! I do want to wear a dress this time around - I wore pants for my white coat ceremony, but want to be a bit dressier for the graduation. Right now, Vince Camuto's sheath dress is at the top of my list because it looks super flattering, isn't too informal, and I love that you can wear a normal bra with it (v important!). I'm also a big fan of this tweed fit and flare, although it may be too short on me. A third option is this scalloped sheath dress - wouldn't it be so cute with some colorful flats? I love them all! Amazon also has several cute options - I love the neckline on this dress, and I think the lace on this dress is so beautiful!

on franish

notable sales
  • J.Crew Factory: up to 50% off new arrivals + extra 20% off over $100
    • Why don't we all already own this gingham blazer?! If it came in a tall size, I'd immediately order it. So cute!
    • Ugh, I love this tweed mini skirt. I have no where to wear it to, but I just think it's darling. I'd wear it with a white tee and a jean jacket for a casual weekend look!
    • I have the dark dots in white background version of this dress, and it's so cute! Be warned that it runs pretty short though. 
  • Loft: 40% off everything!
    • You guys know I'm not really diving into the one shoulder/off the shoulder trend, but I think that I could maybe pull off this pretty stripe and lace top. Wouldn't it look so cute with some white jeans? 
    • And while I'm at it, I could maybe even do this striped dress - the straps mean you can get away with wearing a normal bra! The reviews so far are very positive. 
    • A short sleeved black dress is like my closet staple, but my current one is about six years old and needs to be replaced. I love that this version comes in all three lengths, so I'm going to order the regular and the tall to see how they fit!

at home:
  • We watched Hacksaw Ridge on Friday night, and I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, I felt the acting and some scenes were pretty off and unbelievable, but I would say the last one third of the movie was incredibly inspiring when you know that a real man did what he did. What a hero!
  • And that wraps up another rotation - officially three left until we are done! This was definitely an interesting rotation because I didn't really get to do a ton or learn a lot medically, but I learned so much about the business side of being a doctor. It was very interesting to see how different private practice versus working for a hospital is. 
  • I'm so excited to spend some time with my mom and sister in the upcoming week. A little girl time is exactly what we needed!