Monday, March 27, 2017

cause i'm a nineties chick

Women's LC Lauren Conrad Pleated Shift Dress 
I was born in the late '80's, so I'm completely a '90's girl. I had the velvet boot-cut pants, I begged for Doc Martens for Christmas, and diligently looked through every Delia's catalog that came in the mail. I had the stretchy chockers and chunky highlights and sparkly lotion. 

So let's just say when the '90s came back in style over the past year, I was not ready to jump into the trends that were popular when I was younger. But slowly, like  a lot of trends, I started to kind of love the look of the updated '90s style. It probably helps that I'm now almost 30 and feel a lot more comfortable with myself than I did when I was 13 (omg, is this what 13 Going on 30 was about?!). Anyway, there are certain trends that I kind love for right now! Black and white floral dresses with an updated cut? Yes, please! Mine is from LC Lauren Conrad, a brand found exclusively at Kohl's, and I love that it's fun and flirty, but also on trend. Instead of combining it with combat boots though, I'm embracing a look that's completely 2017 with a pair of open toed booties. I'll be honest: when this style came out, I was a bit confused. What's the point of a bootie where your toes are exposed? But the more I saw, the cuter I thought it was, so I finally wanted to try a pair out for myself. With the chunky heel, they are even pretty comfortable to walk in!

So while I'm a 2017 woman, I'm all about bringing back parts of that '90's girl...with an updated twist ;)
LC Lauren Conrad Women's Cutout Ankle Boots
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Women's LC Lauren Conrad Pleated Shift Dress
Dress: LC Lauren Conrad c/o Kohl's [exact]
Booties: LC Lauren Conrad c/o Kohl's [exact]
Purse: LC Lauren Conrad c/o Kohl's [exact]
Ring: LC Lauren Conrad c/o Kohl's [exact]
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Kohl's will have a promotion for 20 percent off your purchase with code FF20OFF from 3/29 until 4/02. I picked out a few of my favorite LC Lauren Conrad pieces below. Did you know they made the cutest home items?! I had no idea, but I'm bookmarking them for when we move in a few months! I especially want that ruffle pillow for my future office space and the cream blanket for the guest room!

Thank you Kohl's & ShopStyle for sponsoring this post!