Saturday, March 18, 2017

healthyish, vol. 12

And just like that, we are 3 months into all of this! This was an exciting week for sure, with the match happening and all of the celebrations that came with that. We had an amazing dinner on Monday after finding out we matched, complete with crab dip and pasta with cream sauce and dessert, as well as drinks with friends. But besides those instances, it was actually a great week, healthyish things concerned. CR made an amazing new dish that tastes just like my favorite dish of cheesy potatoes, but with cauliflower. I tried out the PF 360 class at my gym, which is basically circuit training with a trainer. I was the youngest person participating by several decades, but it was really fun, and I definitely felt it the next day! A good thing about the upcoming six weeks is that we have no more travel plans or big events coming up, so it'll be a good time to refocus a bit. I feel I've been on the maintenance track the last few weeks, and would really like to crack down a bit without the distractions we've had the last few months.


Sunday: 150 flights on the stair climber
Monday: 1 hour spin class
Tuesday: 30 minute circuit class
Friday: 15 minutes stair climber + 30 minute circuit class

This week I experimented with chia seed pudding (or as CR likes to put it, "the weird thing you make with the seeds I put on my Obama head"). The first time I made it, I followed a recipe that made it pretty runny and...not very appetizing. The second time, I used 3/4 cup almond milk (instead of 1 cup) with 3 tablespoons of the seeds, and that turned out really great! I topped it with a banana and a bit of honey, and it was quite good. I'm trying to figure out some breakfast options for next year - on a lot of months, I'll be at the hospital around 4:30 AM, and I need something I can just take with me instead of cooking eggs at 4 AM. I'm thinking this chia pudding and overnight oats will be good options! Lunches included going out to a local restuarant where I had a chicken sandwich without the buns, brocolli tots and chicken sausage, and left overs. Dinners included the cheesy "potatoes" that CR made, and pulled pork. This was SO SO GOOD, omg. Definitely one of my favorites so far!


Last week's goals:
  • Take 2 group weight classes at my gym: done!
  • Cut back on sugar this week: done! besides the tiramisu we had on match day, I did really good not sneaking chocolates throughout the days. 
  • Don't emotional eat this week: done! besides our celebration meal, we did a good job sticking to the meal and exercise plans

Next week's goals: 
  • Take 2 group weight classes with stair masters beforehand
  • Use My Fitness Pal every day - I've been slacking on tracking every day, and need to get back into it!
  • Try out a new recipe that we haven't tried yet


We had our celebration meal on Monday, and then celebrated with friends on Friday, so we got our celebrations in!

weigh in: 

I went up 0.6 lbs from the last weigh in, but am chalking it up to just normal weight fluctuations because I'm feeling pretty good right now. With less distractions in the upcoming few months, I'm hoping to see some decreases in numbers though.