Thursday, March 16, 2017

a quick review of Old Navy active wear items

Old Navy has been my go-to for cute, long-lasting athletic gear for the past few years. I have found the pants to fit better than a pair of Lululemon I own, the shirts are always inexpensive, and they make the cutest warm up jackets. I figured since I was ordering a few more pieces recently I'd do a review. I feel a bit more exposed in these pictures than I normally do (pretty sure my belly has never been on my blog...ever) but how else was I going to show just how high 'high-waisted' pants are? ;)

 Go-Dry Cool Racerback Tank for Women

Alright, starting with my favorite item from my order, is this fun racerback top in the color emerald. I'm wearing my normal size large here. I love this top. I love that it's not black (like all my other work out clothes) but still a darker color, I love how light and airy it is, and the venting in the back really is cooling! I like that it cuts a little lower in the back too because then you can show off a fun sports bra (I wear it with this floral version and it's such a cute combo!). Overall I really like it, and may end up picking up in the pretty light pink color too (to really get outside of my comfort zone!). Plus, it's $10 - can't really argue with that!

 Go-Dry Racerback Performance Tank for Women
The other work out top I ordered was their racerback performance tank. These are offered in tall sizing, so I went with a tall medium. In general when I order something in a tall, I go down a size, but in this situation, I should have stuck with the large. This was just too tight on me. It was cute otherwise, but the sizing made me decide to return it right away. These are around $6, so again, not bad at all for a shirt you sweat in!

 Go-Dry Racerback Medium Support Sports Bra for Women
Next up is just showing what the sports bras look like. I am not going to show off a bra on my blog haha. For reference though, I am a 36D, and wear these in a size large. These are great for medium impact work outs, like spin class or weight lifting. I would not wear these alone for running, and would need to double up. I know the uniboob versus lift and separate sports bra debate is a big one. Personally, I like everything strapped down as much as possible, which is what these do.

 Go-Dry Cool Compression Crops for Women
Okay, now on for pants. I almost exclusively wear Old Navy pants for working out. I have a couple pairs that are exactly what I want - a bit higher waisted for belly control, tight and supportive without being see through, and durable for the many washes they go through. I ordered two new pairs to try on this time. The first pair is their compression crops in a pretty emerald color. I ordered these in a tall petite because sometimes cropped leggings are too close to my knees rather than hitting me in the middle of the calf. Unfortunately, the extra length was too much on me this time. I think I will re-order these in a regular large the next time I put in an order because I really like the feelings of these - while they aren't "high waisted" they hit over my belly button, they kind of pull everything in (they are 88% polyester and 12% spandex), and I love the darker color that isn't black.

 Go-Dry High-Rise Compression Crops for Women
The other pair I ordered were their true high-waisted compression pants (again in a size large). Oh man, these felt a bit ridiculous. They went almost all the way up to my bra! I felt suffocated and could barely bend over in these. They were just not what I'm looking for in work out pants at all. I may be alone though because the reviews online all rave about them. I could see these being great for someone who really wants a ton of belly support, but it wasn't what I was looking for. 

Anyway, there's my quick review! Like I said, Old Navy is basically my #1 for work out clothes, and I'm constantly checking out their newest arrivals. Below are four things on my wish list - the #squatgoals shirt and laced leggings are definitely coming home with me at some point soon!
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