Monday, March 20, 2017

stocking up on all your favorites for 15% off

Nordstrom currently has a ton of beauty items for 15% off, including products from expensive brands like Dior, Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier, Estee Lauder, and Urban Decay, just to name a few! You can find all the items here, but I've picked out a few for you guys! The first list includes all my tried and true favorites - products I use every single day, have purchased again and again, and that I'm stocking up on now. The second list includes all my wishlist items!

  1. Bobbi Brown eyeshadow pencil: I own this in both bark and dusty mauve. I use it by smudging it on my waterline, and then using my pinky finger to blend it. I have found it to be the perfect way to create a simple smoky eye on the lower lash line without dealing with a bunch of different liners and eyeshadows and pencils. 
  2. BareMinerals BB cream: This is one of my favorite products, and if you are someone with dry skin who is looking for a bit of coverage but nothing heavy, this is a really great option. Plus you don't need a ton, so it lasts forever. 
  3. Bobbi Brown blush: I own this in several colors, but my favorite and every day color is pretty pink. It's just that classic pink blush that you can easily build up to be brighter, but is soft and pretty and just goes with everything. 
  4. Stila eyeliner: *holy grail item* This is the only eyeliner I have purchased for the past seven years. I must have purchased at least 25 of these over the years, and am purchasing two now just because of the sale. It goes on smoothly, it really lasts all day (no flaking or smearing), and it's just overall a holy grail item for me. 
  5. Beauty Blender: Possibly the most versatile item I own - I use this to blend out my foundation and concealer, tap on setting powder, and use it with my setting spray to set my makeup. There's a larger set I'm probably going to purchase as it comes with a few smaller sponges and the cleanser!
  6. Urban Decay setting spray: I didn't really believe in setting sprays until last summer when I used one before a wedding, and was surprised when my make-up lasted all night. My favorite way of applying it is by spraying it on my beauty blender and then patting it on my face - I feel weird spraying it straight on my face, and feel the patting method works better. 
  7. Urban Decay eyelash primer: One of my big make-up "tricks" to build up longer and thicker lashes. Lashes are my favorite thing about make-up, and a primer creates the perfect base for that almost falsies look I love. It also prevents your mascara from flaking (something I know a lot of people have issues with when it comes to the Better Than Sex mascara, but something I never experienced because I used a primer). 
  8. Bobbi Brown mascara: I've been using this for about six months and really really like it. I used to be a BTS fan, but like the Bobbi Brown mascara even more (see my comparison here). 
  9. Essie's gel nailpolish: Y'all know that I'm a big fan of this line of nail polishes - you can see my review here. I wear the Fairy Tailor and Pre-Show Jitters almost exclusively. I'm just hoping they come out with a few new colors soon! 
  10. Smashbox powder: *holy grail item* This is another of those items I've purchased and repurchased for at least seven years now. For those of you with dry skin, this is the only powder I've found that doesn't leave a cakey flakey mess on top of dry skin. On lazier days, I only use a bit of concealer on blemishes and this powder, and it evens out my skin and lasts all day. I just love it. 
  11. Dior lip balm: I just talked about this lip balm last week! I like this because it smells nice, it's soothing, and it adds just a bit of color to your lips without being too much. I own this in the sheer pink color. 
  12. Anastasia eyebrow pencil: I've tried several different eyebrow products over the years - I used to use the duo powder, then for a while I used the thinner Brow Wiz, and now I've really settled on the Eyebrow definer because the thicker pencil means it looks less harsh, it goes on quicker, and it lasts the longest. I wear this in taupe. 
  13. Smashbox primer: I have pretty large pores on my nose, and as my dermatologist tells me, there is nothing you can do about it (and even with that advice, I still try product after product...just in case). So since I can't fix that problem, I use this primer to cover it. It blurs the pores, and makes your skin so smooth, so foundation goes on even smoother. I really love it, and am repurchasing another tube now. 
  14. Urban Decay concealer: I've repurchased this concealer twice now. I know it's a YouTube favorite, and for good reason. It goes on smoothly, blends perfectly, and doesn't crease. I wear this in light neutral!
  15. T3 curling iron: I've owned this iron for about nine months now, and it remains the best curling iron I've ever used. I really believe that because of this iron, my hair is much healthier than it was previously, just because I have to curl my hair less often and for less time. It's pretty pricy, so the 15% off makes a big difference!

And now for a few things on my wishlist. Some are items I've had my eye on forever (like that Dior balm I'm finally going to try and the Mac eyeshadow I tried out a few weeks ago in store), others that beauty bloggers and youtbers rave about (do I need an eyebrow gel? ...maybe.) and others that just caught my eye (hello, fun new face scrubs!). 
  1. Dior foundation
  2. Dior balm
  3. Philosophy microdermabrasion kit
  4. Anastasia highlighting kit
  5. Mac eyeshadows
  6. Clinique cleansing balm (has anyone tried this? people seem to love it!)
  7. Anastasia brow gel
  8. Dior lip gloss (I want to try 'kiss me'!)
  9. Origins face scrub
  10. Clarins eye gel
  11. Bobbi Brown moisturizing mask