Sunday, March 12, 2017

top three [03.12.2017]

snapshots from this week (ps. my shorts are from rag & bone!)

on the internet
  • How precious does Priya look in this pineapple outfit?! I can never pull off casual cool on vacations. 
  • When is the best time to have a baby? Dani explores her own feelings, thoughts, and journey through this question. It was open, honest, and thought provoking - a definite must read!
  • Can you love talking about shoes, skin care, and politics on the same blog? Grace dives in deeper, and I'm 100% in agreement with everything she says. It's been one of my goals to be more informed this year, and hearing other women's takes on current events, is another part of that. Keep up the great work, Grace!

  • I have always wanted a straw tote, but never found the one...until now. I love that this version from Macy's is able to be zipped up and has a bit more shape without looking like a work bag. I think we found a winner!
  • I think I've found my graduation dress! This dress was MADE for me, omg. Black with white polka dots?! Ordering 40% off! (ps. just found a coupon code "INBLOOM" to receive an extra 20% off if you spend over $100!).
  • This is the year I actually will buy a pair of espadrilles, and what better way to jump into that shoe trend than with this adorable lace pair?! They would go with everything. 


ask me anything
  • I'm looking for some cute dresses for attending a few summer weddings. They won't be overly dressy, but I want something simple that I can recycle for most of the weddings and add jewelry shoes to switch it up. I'm pretty busty with a small waist, so I probably need a v neck or something similar. I look better in dark colors and am thinking something jewel-toned. Any suggestions?!
  • Do you think that it's okay if medical students in upper years buy and wear scrub hats for the OR? Did you do this? I'm worried I'll look like a poser and should wait until residency to buy them, but I hate the disposable caps!
    • Oh man, I hate those stupid disposable bouffant caps too - I think I look like a giant mushroom cap every time I wear them. Unfortunately, it's one of those unwritten rules that you don't wear a cloth scrub cap until you're a resident. Until then, you're basically a guest in the OR. It seems like a really silly unwritten rule for sure, and it's one of the things I'm very excited about getting past in a few months. I just really want a leopard print scrub cap, ya know? ;)
  • First, a confession: I used to really like floral-patterned things until a college boyfriend said they were too girly/cutesy and then honestly I quit wearing/buying them (and what's more embarrassing, we've been broken up for almost five years now and what he said still affects me!). I've realized that I want to start wearing flowered patterns again and am looking for blouses/skirts/dresses with an (ideally large-ish) floral pattern and longer sleeve/hemline. Ideally this would be also something I could wear to work. Do you have any ideas for me? 

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notable sales

at home
  • My youngest sister and I had such a nice time visiting my mom down in Gulf Shores this past week. We used to rent a house down in GS every spring break for years, and a few years my parents purchased their own. It's basically our second home, so it was so so nice and relaxing to be down there. We went on lots of walks, found heaps of shells, and had fun just puzzling and reading and watching Gilmore Girls. Take me back!
  • My mom and I are going to NYC at the end of April to do a bit of wedding dress shopping (!) and we finally booked out AirBnB this week. We'll be staying in Soho and I'm so excited! Keep an eye out for a Wedding Wednesday post.
  • Tomorrow's the day! Wish me luck...I am so nervous!