Sunday, March 19, 2017

top three [03.19.2017]

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  • If you're someone who loves dresses as much as I do, you may just want to pick up a pair of these wrap wedged espadrilles. They are beautiful, and would go with so many summer dresses! I just love them. 
  • I'm a big fan of scalloped and perforated totes - I think they are just the cutest thing. I just found Chelsea28's version that has both and comes in four great colors. Go with the tan or black for a neutral every day bag, or buy it in blue for a fun pop of color. I think I'm going to go with the blue!
  • Still on the look out for white lace dresses for our engagement pictures, I found a great option for under $60. My only concern is that it may be too short on me, but I sure do love those sleeves!


ask me anything
  • Congratulations on matching!!! I'm a second year medical student. Do you have any advice/recommendations on what types of shoes to wear on rotations? Do you recommend buying the clogs that most people wear in the OR if you aren't planning on going into a specialty with lots of operations?
    • Thank you so much, we are very excited! So for shoes, I actually am working on a post about this BUT here are my suggestions. If you don't think you are going into something surgical, you can wear tennis shoes into the OR. You wear shoe covers anyway, and I've seen plenty of surgeons, residents, and other medical students just wear tennis shoes that are comfortable. Since I am going into something surgical, I've been testing out various shoes. I have several pairs of the original Danskos, but I find them just a bit too high and stiff. I still wear them, but only on days where I'm standing a lot, and not doing a lot of walking/running. I have a pair of Birkenstock clogs that are great for standing a lot and walking, but because they don't have a back, they aren't going to be the best option for me when I'm on labor and delivery (there's more running than you would think!). I actually just ordered this style of Danskos that was recommended to be by an ObGyn resident, so as soon as I've had some time to test those out, I will write a full review! For non-surgical rotations, I ended up wearing a pair of shoes from Target that had an elastic top and added insoles. I also wore my scalloped flats a lot and they were actually quite comfortable!
  • I recently got accepted to an all expenses paid 2 week trip to Germany through an educator program. Given your familiarity with the country, any tips on what to pack or see?
    • That is so exciting! I am definitely jealous - I love Germany so much. Since I don't know where you are going, it's harder for me to give you examples of what to see, but as far as clothing goes, I do have a few suggestions. First, Germans did to dress more in the neutral colored zone. Lots of black, denim, and other more neutral colors. Germans tend to not be super done up with hair and make-up - they definitely embrace the European "less is more" type of look. You won't see a lot of people out wearing high heels or sparkly tops during the day, and also less likely to see people wearing leggings with sweatshirts. If you wear just normal jeans, nice blouses, and comfortable flats, you'll more than fit in and still be comfortable. 
  • Was that a married life book I saw on your Snapchat? What was it? Do you recommend?
    • We have been reading Things I Wish I'd Known Before Getting Married. It's written by the guy who wrote the Five Love Languages, and it's actually been pretty interesting. We did figure out our "love language" and to be honest, knowing what the other person finds important has actually been good for us. My love language are acts of service and physical touch, and so CR has made a real effort to do those things (and then likes to wink and say "see, love actions") while CR's is quality time, so I've made an effort to put the phone away when we watch TV or make sure we do things together rather than just sitting next to each other without interacting. So the book goes into some of that, and also on a bunch of other things that goes into a marriage. I mean, it's not like a life changing book, but for $8, it's been a good quick read!
notable sales
  • Anthropologie: 20% off full priced items (code: Springperk)
  • Old Navy: 40% off everything
    • A knit blazer is one of those things you can wear with so many different things in your closet, and a striped one on top of cute! 
    • With white jeans and sundress season coming up, a jean jacket is so versatile (and this one looks like the much more expensive versions). 
    • I'm still hoping I can figure out the sizing on their tee shirt dresses. I think they are just so cute, and always have the best patterns. One of each of the striped ones, please!

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at home
  • WE DID IT. You guys, the fact that the match worked out has lifted so much weight off of me. We found out Friday that we got our first choice spots, and will be moving about an hour away from where we live now. I'm working on a whole post about how we couples matched that will include more details, but ugh, I'm just so happy it worked out. 
  • We are currently up in Rochester visiting CR's family. We met up with all of our friends on Friday in Pennsylvania to celebrate, and then drove up here Friday night. It's been so nice to be near friends and family during this time!
  • And now...we start house hunting. For those of you who are home owners....any tips in this ridiculous process? I'm already nervous.