Thursday, March 23, 2017

a bedroom refresh (...or how we figured out how to have white bedding with pets)

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I have always owned, and loved, white bedding. Growing up, that's what we had on all of our beds, and now as an adult, I love the brightness and crispness it brings to a room, especially when you have a fairly dark home like we do now. When we first moved into our current rented house, I bought us a new duvet set that I loved. It was white and bright and looked so nice. For a few months, it looked perfect...but that's because we didn't allow our pets in our bedroom, much less on the bed.

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We've since loosened up a bit, and love nothing more than to have a cuddle session with our mini zoo at home. But with that comes little paws all over our bed, and what was a bright crisp bed turned into a dull duvet with cat marks and tears all over it. Basically, when we were given the opportunity to do a little bedroom refresh with JCPenneys, I was so ready.

Our first step was finding a duvet that didn't change colors, doesn't show little claw marks as easily, and doesn't need to be smoothed out immediately if a cat jumps on it (bonus points if you don't even have to iron it after washing!). If you follow along on Snapchat, you know how much Lucy likes to play on the bed, which over time has led to a bunch of little snags and holes in our duvet. After several discussions, we decided on the VCNY Maya duvet set. It has a pintuck pattern, so it hides those little marks a lot better than a flat surface does, and it doesn't constantly need to be smoothed out when Lucy jumps on the bed. The polyester also means that it doesn't suck up dirt as easily as our previous duvet did. Our set came with two pillow cases as well, which I really liked (I've purchased duvets in the past that didn't include them, and then it's a pain to find matching pillow shams). 
I wanted to add a few larger pillows too - I felt our bed before felt really bare because we only have our two flattened pillows on either side (and while big fluffy pillows look better in pictures, we both prefer flatter pillows to sleep on). We added these large European sized pillows in the back so not only do I feel our bed has some dimension now, but it's also so much comfier to sit up in bed when we're watching a movie!
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Lastly, I wanted a throw for the bottom of the bed. Like Corrine, I'm a big fan of naps (even just little 15 minute ones), so I really wanted something I could cuddle up with, plus have an area where Lucy would spend the majority of her bed-laying time. I talked about before how comfy throws throughout the house really make everything a bit cozier, and it definitely applies here! We ended up going with this faux fur throw because I loved another shade of grey for the bed. After a few naps, I can attest to it's comfy factor! ...and Lucy also is a big fan ;) It also comes in a few other colors, including a gorgeous teal color!

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Overall, we are thrilled with our little bedroom refresh. We're basically all set to just move this room right into our next bedroom. We started looking at house yesterday, and I'm already so excited to make our future house our matter which one we end up with!

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Below are a few of my favorites from the home section. We desperately need those wicker baskets!
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Thank you to JCPenney and Shopstyle for our beautiful new bedroom set and for sponsoring this post!